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If you are looking for a prompt basement excavation and construction service for your project in Queensland, Western Australia or South Australia, contact QLD Civil Solutions. We are industry-leading civil excavation contractors with over 25 years of experience working throughout Australia on basement construction projects. With a team of well-trained operators and over 100 machines in our fleet, we can meet the demands of your basement construction project no matter the scope.

Basement Excavation Services

  • Powerline Specialised Equipment
  • Drilling Rigs (including low clearance drill rigs)
  • Piling Rigs

      • 1.5 T – 35 T Excavators
      • Vibrating Hammers
      • Graders
      • Low Loader
      • Cranes (from truck-mounted cranes to 150 tonne cranes

        We provide a comprehensive range of excavators, posi-tracks, drilling rigs and piling rigs for hire for all basement excavation and building construction projects throughout Australia. From our mini excavators to our large 35 tonne excavator for hire, we have the right excavator needed to complete your project. We also supply a range of drilling and piling rigs, posi-tracks, graders, cranes and more. With over 100 machines available our range of equipment includes:

        Our extensive fleet of excavation equipment

        High quality basement excavation services at affordable rates

        Basement excavation Australia-wide

        QLD Civil Solutions supplies basement excavation and build services throughout Australia, including Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. We supply excavators, posi-tracks, loaders and tipper trucks and a team of well-trained industry operators that go the extra mile to deliver high-quality service to your project.

        Contact us today to receive a free quote on our basement excavation and build services

        No matter the scope of your basement excavation and build project, we have the perfect selection of machines and service experience to provide excellent solutions. Our team operate with precision and efficiency so you get the best result for your project. Contact QLD Civil Solutions today or fill out the enquiry form to receive a free quote.

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