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Bridge Construction Services| Australia-Wide

With our broad range of experience working throughout Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, we are industry professionals providing bridge construction services to major civil infrastructure projects. Whether you need to pile foundations for an expansion of an existing bridge or perform excavation before constructing a new bridge, our team of expert civil contractors can help deliver your project to completion.

Bridge Construction Services

  • Low Loader
  • Road Trains
  • Cranes (from truck-mounted cranes to 150 tonne cranes)
  • Powerline Specialised Equipment

    • Drilling Rigs (including low clearance drill rigs)
    • Piling Rigs
    • 1.5 T – 35 T Excavators
    • Vibrating Hammers
    • Graders

    From our fleet of low-clearance drill and piling rigs to our excavators, graders, cranes, tipper trucks and posi-tracks, QLD Civil Solutions are fully equipped to manage all aspects of bridge construction. Whether piling foundations or excavating the area either side of the bridge, we deliver top-quality bridge construction services through innovative and efficient strategy. With over 100 machines available, our fleet of plant includes:

    Excavation equipment delivering effective Bridge Construction

    Comprehensive bridge construction and piling work throughout remote QLD, WA & SA

    From pedestrian bridges to road bridges, railway bridges, and more, QLD Civil Solutions are one of the leading bridge construction specialists across remote Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. We provide bridge construction services for all bridge types that require bored/piling foundations, including over waterways. With our comprehensive experience in providing complex civil and infrastructure solutions, we are the industry leaders throughout Australia with a proven track record working on projects for major civil and government contractors.

    Bridge construction and foundation piling service specialists | Australia-Wide

    Constructing Bridges across Australia

    QLD Civil Solutions supplies our bridge construction services all throughout Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Our team of specialist contractors can provide our piling and drilling services for any type of bridge construction project you have. QLD Civil Solutions are fully prepared to provide you with the right machines and services that you need to get your project completed today.

    Contact us today to receive a free quote on our bridge construction services

    Our team are the industry leaders when it comes to providing specialised bridge construction and piling foundation services throughout Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. We are efficiency-driven specialists, with 25 years of industry experience among our team. Contact QLD Civil Solutions today or fill out the enquiry form to receive a free quote.

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