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  • Approximately 25 km of transmission lines
  • Substation construction

    Silverton Wind Farm Transmission Line Construction Project

    • Construction of Transmission Lines connecting Prominent Hill Mine to the South Australian electricity grid
    • Two High Voltage Switching Stations
    • Approximately 300kms of high voltage transmission lines

      UGL’s Prominent Hill Transmission Line Construction Project

      QLD Civil Solutions are proven civil infrastructure construction specialists. With over 25 years of experience providing comprehensive transmission line construction, substation construction, civil foundation works and more, we can provide your project with the end-to-end civil and infrastructure construction services you need. Our previously completed projects include the following:

      Our Project History

      Wiplinjong mine deviation transmission line

      • Transmission network extension for the Eurombah Coal Seam gas network Project

        Yuleba to Blythedale Transmission Line Project

        • Construction of 33kV transmission line from the existing Substation 030 at Kings Valley to Kangi Camp at Fortescue Solomon Mine Site

        • Construction of a 22kV transmission line from existing Switchroom 411 at Cloudbreak Ore Processing Facility (OPF) to Pole 45, 5 km west of OPF

          Powerlines Plus and FMG Geotechnical Investigation and Civil Foundation works

          • Connecting existing power infrastructure to the Hill to Hill Project
          • Construction of a powerline for OZ Minerals’ Hill to Hill Project

            OZ Minerals Hill to Hill Transmission Line Construction Project

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